Friday , December 4 2020

With Arias at a high level, racing racing in Independiente and stays on top

In version number 224 of Classic Avellaneda, Racing placed on Independiente by 1-3. At the visit, the Chilean Gabriel Arias, who was the party's figure, and Marcelo Diaz, were holders. In contrast, Pedro Pablo Hernandez played the first moment for Independiente, while the trainer from Chile, Reinaldo Rueda, was present at the stalls.

In the first time very intense, but quite remarkable, both squads tried to capture their idea of ​​playing in the field. Early, a goal against Guillermo Burdisso, after a corner kick, catapulting Seiclon on on the scoreboard. However, Racing did not succeed in maintaining his rhythm and that's how Independent started managing the game, provoking two good interventions by Arias. By that prompt, and with that Tucu Hernandez was very participating, the local people found the game growing in the third minute of the reduction of the first law, thanks to annotating Fernando Gaibor.

The second time did not change much. Racing dominates the first records in a very good way and with another early goal. Darío Cvitanich came to the area near the shore and Burdisso, from the bad game, had dropped. Néstor Pitana's judge did not welcome and lower the maximum penalty, which Lisandro Lopez transformed into a mark in minute 53. With the result in his party, the visitors returned to bet on the counter and put possession the ball. Independiente went with everything to look for a shot, but Gabriel Arias found a great cross, and took the screams of goal to a goal of great interventions. Already with Independiente has launched completely to the assault, Lopez led a wrthatack that ended in a goal by Matías Zaracho.

With this result, Racing continues as a leader in the Argentine championship, while Independiente is moving increasingly from the top positions of the board.

The Presidente Perón Stadium (Racing) and the Libertadores Stadium of America (Independiente) Stadium have been separated by less than 200 meters, so the competition between the two is unlikely and that element & # 39; n made the classic Avellaneda one of Argentina's most anticipated Today, thanks to the presence of the Chilean in the duel, on this side of the mountains, they were also waiting for the important meeting.

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