Sunday , August 14 2022

Will they overcome Nokia 3310? Here is the 10 phones with the longest battery life in the Technology market


The Energizer manufacturer announced on February 25 that he will launch his own cell phone with the most resilient battery in the world. According to the producers, these mobile phones almost promise by the four capacity of the most resilient equipment which exists in the current market.

According to the Statista statistics site, the Energizer Power Max PK19 will have a fee Battery 18,000 milliamp per hour (mAh), what, in the beginning, will do it the phone is 60 hours.

This newcomer would make models like the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 or the Motorola Moto G7 Power (5,000 mAh), far behind the list. However, the Energizer product has yet to give the test with real measurements to determine its length (brightness, video play, camera, etc.).

For the time being, the most resilient phones on the market were measured by the Arena Phone team, which used a normal web script that imitates the real use of the mobile phone, with a brightness rate of 200 nit ( Luminicence).

Although the indicators are lower than those used by manufacturers to measure battery length, the indicators allow for an idea of ​​what can be expected of the quality of a phone in terms of resilience.

Infographic: Energizer Announces Smart Phones with the Most Powerful Battery to date Statista You will find more information on Statista

Within the three teams with the best battery it is Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (17 hours), Motorola Moto E5 More (20 hours) a LG X Power (15 hours). The first one can be found online at a price of $ 399,000, the second at a price of $ 199,990 on the internet and the third at $ 89,990, also by selling online.

At present, Energizer is expected to starve in the same embarrassment that suffered in 2018 with the Power Max P16K model, which was introduced to the technology community but could never finish production.

That is why the company co-ordinates with the producer Avenir Telecom, who wants to produce her smartphones with her and compete with more market pressure.

For the time being, the company is waiting for 25 February to launch its product and for quality tests, to check if its battery is as powerful as it promises at the beginning.

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