Friday , May 27 2022

Wide Front requires the resignation of Mayor mayor and his withdrawal from the Jungle Regulation


The Frente Enlarge board introduced a letter this morning in La Moneda, which referred to Lord Sebastián Piñera and Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick, seeking the resignation of La Araucanía Mayor Luis Mayol to repeal "Jungla Comando" "O & # 39 ; the region after the death of the comunero Camilo Catrillanca.

"We're going to address you to express our concern and completely reject the violent armed expedition on the community of Temucuicui that ended with a number of serious injuries, including a 15 year old boy, and a death A member of the Mapuche community Camilo Catrillanca is in the hands of the tactical group of Carabiners of the name "Jungla Commando", says the document.

"We condemn the systematic militarization increase in Wallmapu in recent years, its nonsense and the risks we have already warned, and that today is taking a new life," he added.

"Given the severity of these events, we are rejecting the misleading and unfortunate reactions of its Government, which is the voice of the Mayor of the Araucania Region has justified the operation of a violent police force in the alleged offense of a vehicle offense. In addition, we add the words of the Director General of Carabineros Hermes Soto, who has related a clear acknowledgment of what happened, "he added.

He also states that "in this context, the silence and lack of reaction of the Government's political authorities and, in particular, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, are serious and contribute to increasing violence, which can exacerbate the situation of violence & Existing in the region. "

Therefore, the Extended Front hopes that the Government "assumes the political responsibility they have at these serious incidents" and asked him to adopt the following "urgent" measures:

1. Imminent withdrawal of the Jungle Regulation and displacement of the area, together with the definitive disclosure of the tactical group.

2. Resignation of the Mayor of the Mayan Araucanía Region.

3. General Dismissal Mauro Victtoriano Krebs, chief divisor of Araucanía, control of a public order, and headteachers responsible for the surgery that ended with the death of Camilo Catrillanca.

4. Serious and independent investigation into the facts and responsibilities of an order.

"If the waiver to adopt these emergency measures is extended and that the Government does not show the ability to stop the violence in the area, the Internal Ministry should assume its political responsibility, for laying the Jungle Order and the operation of the police yesterday as for its lack of timely response, "warns the letter.

"Camilo Catrillanca's death is another example of a failed state policy, which shows that conflicts with Mapuche people do not end up with more violence. We hope, on this occasion , that the Government recognizes this and gives up to the abusive policies, starting a path of recognition, dialogue and understanding of the diversity of people living in our territory, "& I came to the conclusion.

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