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Who is Juan Darthés, the television personnel accused of raping Thelma Fardin

Juan Darthés, Argentina's famous actor, has been a critique and anxiety target after the Argentine actress, Thelma Fardin, who was working with him in Patito Feo's theatrical production, presented a legal complaint about sexual abuse in her by, making it happen in 2009 in Nicaragua, when he was 16 years old. The actor denies what happened and counted on Twitter the complaint denied: "It is not really what was said, by God! It's crazy, it has never happened. Wait for the time of justice. "

Poetry designation caused a tone of mystery in social networks where the tohtag # MiráCómoNosPonemos it became a tendency, as well as messages of refusal of alleged sexual assault.

In addition, Darthés was has been suspended by the Association of Argentine Actors following the public say of Poetry. "We refuse the allegedly misbehaved misconduct, we will continue to support Themma Fardín, and with those who identify these facts, so that they do not get these situations were repeated and punished to those responsible ", published the Association.

What you should know about Juan Darthés:

1. This is your first judicial complaint, but not your first allegation

And of Fardin would be the first judicial complaint against Darthes. Before, actresses Calu Rivero, Ana Coacci and Natalia Juncos they had made allegations of public harassment against the actor but the Justice did not submit it for personal reasons. Darthes is designated for "shame and scriptures" I & the accused actresses. According to CNN he could know through court 39, because these allegations have been mediated between the parties without agreement, so they will go to a trial.

2. Telenovela singer and singer

He's been involved in it At least 23 television productions, according to its official website. During the 90's, soap operas such as "La elegida", "Pormpre mujercitas" to "Hederos de poder", have brought him to name as a heart. In addition, he has recorded 8 albums, including two that came from the production of Patito Feo. His latest television work was this year in the "Simona" series. In June this year he presented a musical show of the "Caneuon Cariad a Nofelau", according to his official Facebook page.

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3. Wild Seed

From 2007 to 2008, Darthés played the role of Leandro Díaz Rivarola, a pediatrician who was the father of the protagonist, Patito, although he is not known. In 2009, the year in which Fardin said that alleged sexual abuse occurred, Darthés and cast Patito Feo traveled several countries in Latin America and Central America.

4. Seal a campaign against rape

In a 2016 video as part of a rape campaign, Darthés went with other actors. "There is a pity and push?", has confirmed looking at the camera in a production that promoted the government's attention line for victims of rape.

Fabiana Tuñez, director of the National Women's Institute of Argentina (INAM), announced that The campaign was withdrawn after the allegation of a Poetry.

"Due to the criminal accusation and complaint of Thelma Fardín against Juan Darthes, we decided to reduce our anti-rape campaign in 2016 of all official accounts. We confirm that we are struggling to eliminate all forms of violence against women", He confirmed on Twitter.

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