Sunday , January 17 2021

Where to watch Chile vs. Ecuador is Sub-17 South America: Time, TV, Link

La Rojita Sub-17 is ready to start his journey through the last hexagon in South America's 17-by-side which is playing these days in Lima. The people of Hernán Caputto have a complex mission: to add in this final stage to finish one of the first four places to play World Championships in the category that will be played in Brazil in October.

The first competitor will be Ecuador, one of the powerful nuclei in this category and the Chiles suffered a lot in the first round: The Caputto team won 2-0 and eventually lost 3-2, and their final competition, which eventually ended thanks to their Venezuela victory (3-0) and Bolivia (4-0).

Ecuador fell only with the hosts in the final duet, who left with seven units in second place in group A. With the exception of the three, Javier Rodríguez led by the team has shown an impressive physical background. for the category and that promises to complicate Chile.

The duo will be played at the San Martin Stadium in Lima (Peru) at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, 2 April. The duo will be broadcast live on Channel 13 in an open and inward signal your signal online.

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