Monday , November 30 2020

What WhatsApp causes addiction? | Metro Mexico

10 years after its launch, WhatsApp is one of the most useful applications in the world with more than one thousand million downloads, not only used to socialize, but also to work; however, the hours allocated to it have caused arguments about whether or not to create additions.

Erika Villavicencio Ayub, an organizational psychology co-ordinator in the UNAM's Psychology Faculty (FP), said that the use of WhatsApp is not in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), although some recent studies and several & # 39; The symptoms found indicate that it could be a binding of information and communication technologies.

How to know if I suffer?

The academy explained that there are some signs that can show whether addiction, such as too much time spent on this application, lies about how much it is used, tweaks or fading vibrations.

"Sleep hours, personal care, food are also neglected, inter-personal relationships are lost and this behavior is carried out despite the negative consequences. As the dependence develops, a person alone alone, reduces his or her school's performance, receives complaints from nearby people to constantly connect, entering an assault of concern when he or she does not have access or the battery is on end going out, though trying to restrict its use. "

Abstinence syndrome can also occur when the person does not check their phone, as well as emotional discomfort that is projected as insomnia, harassment, boredom, loneliness, anger and nervousness.

As if this were not enough, Villavicencio Ayub said that high levels of anxiety, depression, fatigue, concentration and memory changes, as well as high reinforcement were also present because the brain had a pleasant feeling when using the network.

"Capacity suffers from neglect and lack of self-control, as well as intolerance and need for increasing doses to have the desired effects. This reliance on young people has evolved into scary levels; even deaths related to its use in different parts of the world. "

Even some companies have reported low in the performance of their staff, or in interaction with colleagues.

Given this situation, the psychologist recommended that, if one considers WhatsApp's addiction, one must go to an expert to diagnose and establish a treatment, which may require cognitive behavioral therapy in the first level; In the case of being a higher addition, pharmaceutical and behavioral treatment is necessary.

"It's important that we are aware that ICT is part of our current life and we do not intend to go against the current, but we have to learn to use them & # 39; right to benefit ourselves without affecting our health or any other area of ​​life, "he came to the conclusion.


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