Sunday , August 14 2022

What is the "Galaxy Time" of the Samsung Galaxy S10?


The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a special feature for taking pictures of the name "Flight Time" and the way it works is amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S10 doesn't seem to give the best to what to talk to and now we are introducing another function for us. This is called Flight Time, but It's not about elevating yourself through the air, but to photography.

Take your time

We know that smartphones will always try to innovate in technology for photographs. That's why The Flight Time of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is ideal for those who love this art. Or lovers autobiography, it's not important.

This technology allows the device to scan the entire visible area near the front camera. To find all the objects that are part of the shot at the time of drawing the picture. And so, take much more live images, with better focus and more professionals.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The way the Galaxy S10 manages to do all of this is not surprising. In fact, it seems to be something taken from a science fiction film. Aviation Time measure the distance of objects with the help of light speed. Measuring the time the light reaches each object and in that way we manage to know its exact depth.

To measure the speed of light, send a burst of infrared light towards the target. Which ones are traveling about 300,000 kilometers per second, and so achieve all the objects that are associated with the take is extremely fast.

With this, Flight Time technology manages to capture a three-dimensional image of the whole environment in front of it. They achieve incredible clarity in every picture and a much faster focus. Besides that can focus everything more effectively.

Imagine that thousands of scientists work this innovative technology includes light speed. To finish take photos of your misis and your food. Do they not love the world we live in?

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