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What is "depression" and why it is more dangerous than other types

We tend to think that a smile, in general, is a sign of happiness, right? But there are people who can smile, live moments are happy and still have suicidal feelings.

They are affected by what is popular as "depression", although the precise clinical period is called an unusual low depression, as stated by Olivia Remes, an expert in anxiety and depression at Cambridge University in an article in The Talk.

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Remes explains that it is difficult to identify who is suffering from the disease just because they know how to avoid their real mental condition after fake signs of happiness.

Also, because, many times, they are people who have no obvious reason to be sad: they have a job, a house, friends and even a couple and children.

Young girl in bed with sad face.

Unlike other types of depression, people with incredible low depression feel more sleeping needs.

But there are some symptoms that can help us find out when someone, or ourselves, is depressed, although we can show happiness in specific moments.


Mayo Clinic explains that the signs vary from person to person, but there are some keys:

  • Feel a temporary mood improvement in response to good news or positive moments such as receiving a friend's message or accepting congratulations by a head or manager, but then feeling straight away again.
  • Increase in appetite and gain weight.
  • Sleep too many hours and still feel drowsy during the day (with other types of depression usually sleeping).
  • Feel & worry a thick in arms and legs during different time periods in a day.
  • Special open to criticism and refusal which can affect personal relationships and ultimately work.

More dangerous

The difficulty of finding that a person who, in good look, is really low, makes this type of depression more dangerous than others, said Remes in his article. But there are other factors that aggravate this typology, and emphasize the specialist.

Young man on bridge.

People with smoker depression can, in most cases, continue their day-to-day activities, but it is the same force that can push them to carry out self-suicidal thoughts.

On the one hand, the affected person takes a lot more time to seek support by not recognizing the disease. On the other hand, people who tend tend to tend to have personal problems to recognize emotions, so working from a psychological point with them is much more complicated.

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And most of all, the ability of people with this depression to continue to carry out their daily activities can be counterproductive. Residues are very clear in his article:

"The strength that they have to continue with their everyday lives can make them particularly vulnerable to commit suicide plans." This is different from other forms of depression, where people can get suicide ideas, but there is not enough energy to act on. based on your intentions. "

Young girl in medical consultation.

If you feel that you have any of these symptoms of depression please go to the doctor, and if that's very difficult try to talk to a friend or family member . They will be happy to help you.

In order to treat it, the Mayo Clinic says that there is a need for medication, talking therapy (psychotherapy) and lifestyle changes. Residues add exercise and reflection regularly because, he says, has given good results in clinical practice.

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