Wednesday , June 29 2022

"What is at stake is the opposition of the Armed Forces and the Order to the civil power"


24 years ago, the general director of Carabineros refused to resign, despite the request of the president of the Republic. The composers were Eduardo Frei a Rodolfo Stange.

The 1980 Constitution gave inappropriateness to the chief chiefs and general directors, which opened a crisis of 18 months, with a sub-assumed hypothesis such as Stange adhering to his position against the will of the civil authorities.

Only in 2005 could be changed, but half. Until today, Article 104 of the Constitution continues to talk about inevitableness in the first paragraph, and in the next paragraph it states the president may call a withdrawal, "by means of a ruling established and informing the Chamber of Deputies and Senedd of".

That norm is what General Soto has taken advantage of it to refuse its objection to the decision taken by the civil authority from the office. It will not be able to resist 18 months like Stange, but anyway It is not unacceptable in a democracy that a challenge challenges the president of the Republic and to force him to give reasons to his or her erasure from the office.

It is hoped that this process will be done quickly, and no-one comes into the temptation to lock up to put the government in trouble, because What is at stake here is fundamental to democracy: the opposition of the Armed Forces and the Civil Power Order.

And finally, something positive comes out of all this. Remove one-to-one anacronistic and anemocratic fossil of our Constitution, and consecrates the objection of the full opposition of military power to civil power.

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