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What are the controversial spatial white holes you can "escape" but you can not return "


It sounds curious, but in fact it's a good way to understand what the relationship between the famous black holes and their names brothers less well-known white holes.

Black holes we have news every day and there is evidence of how they are formed and how they behave. However, there is a little say about the twins that probably coincide with them and who act like them … but in opposite address.

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"There's a black hole instead of you can put it but you can not go away," said physicist Sean Carroll, from the California Institute of Technology, in an article on the Nova portal. "A white hole is a place where you can go out but to what extent you can go out you can never go back"

White holes are exactly the relative black holes. Instead of swallowing everything that comes close to them, it's consistent abolish and reject the issue that reaches its limitations.


White holes help us to understand the mystery of the universe

So, it's easy to understand which white holes are, but they have only one small problem: we do not know if there is beyond mathematician boards.

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That is why they are controversial: can something that go wrong against of physics laws?

There are two sides of the same coin

Currently, there are only white holes in them calculations from physicists and astronomers, such as black holes once.

"White holes are theoretical models that are back up to black holes, "said physiologist Edward Larrañaga, a professor at the Colombian Astronomical Observatory, at BBC Mundo.

"When performing the mathematical operations of the equations that arose Einstein it leads to a white hole, "explains Larrañaga," but we still do not know any physical process that leads to creating a white hole ".

Albert Einstein

Einstein's equations lead to white holes

Checking the existence of a white hole would mean checking phenomena that, now, seems impossible, like negative gravity which causes things to fall up, or that time is stopped or run back.

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But the fact that they seem impossible means scientists dismissal of all existence.

"The reason to suspect that they are white holes mystery resolution: what's happening in the middle of a black hole, "he wrote recently at the portal New Scientist the physicist Marco Rovelli, of the Theoretical Physics Center in Marseille, France.

"We see a great deal of matter turning around the black holes and then falling down. This whole issue crosses the hole's face," the horizon "or point not returned, fall down then? Nobody knows. "


For now, white holes only exist in mathematical calculations

That enigma is the key for some theory that argue that a black hole bottom can be connected to a white hole by "worm hole".

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"Theoretically you could go into the black hole, go through the worm hole and leave through the white hole," explain Larrañaga. "But physically, the conditions there are so extreme, the gravity is so strong that one would end had to grind before crossing the worm hole. "

According to experts, white holes could be the only black hole in the future, or be a source of what is called "dark energy", The This is what makes the universe expand, but in general, these mysterious mathematical volcanoes now destroy more questions than answers.

So far nobody has seen them, but as Rovelli writes, "heaven could be full from white holes ".

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