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What are the basic brain tumors in adults and what their types are


Cerebral tumors have different causes and can cause serious health problems to those who suffer

There are several types of brain tumors, among them there are basic brain tumors. This type of tumors usually rises to adults, and some can be cancerous, while others do not, although that does not mean they can not be fatal.

What are the basic brain tumors?

They include any tumor that originates in the brain. The tumor can be produced through the brain cells, in the membranes that surround the brain, which are called women, in the nerves or in the glands.

Tumor can cause inflammation, causing damage to brain cells, or stimulate pressure in other parts of the brain, increasing intracranial pressure. Because of this, they can be dangerous.

The causes of the appearance of the tumors vary, although scientists have not yet decided how they came from. These include:

  • Infectious conditions.
  • Turcot syndrome, Li Fraumeni syndrome and Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome.
  • Radiation therapy used to treat different types of brain cancer, ultimately, can cause fears.

primary tumor

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On the other hand, the following factors are not a risk factor:

  • Skull injuries.

What are your types?

There are several types of tumors and these are classified according to the following parameters:

  • Location
  • The committed fabric
  • If they are flawed or poor

One of these types is gliomas, which in turn result from glue cells. These tummies have three regions:

  • Oligodendroglial tumors. This type of tumor can include astroletic tumors and oligodendendyteg, resulting in mixed gliomas, as is known.
  • Glioblastomas is one of the most invasive brain tumors.
  • Meningiomas and schwannomas occur between ages between 40 and 70. Although they are not carcinogenic, they can cause serious damage to the brain, caused by their growth.

Because of this, headache, falls and other unusual symptoms need to be addressed. The medical check is important to determine and disregard any possible brain tumor.

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