Monday , November 23 2020

Weddings in the style of Final Fantasy XIV are the feeling in Japan Videogames

Marry and arrange a wedding inspired by Final Fantasy XIV It is no longer a newcomer, and is not even original. At least in Japan, where so many people use this topic that planning companies like Bridal Hearts They have decided to offer this service on a regular basis. The Japanese country is so committed to the links set in the inysysa and the famous online game, which already offers the possibility of getting married chocobos a cactiwar.

The ceremonies allow the bride and the bride to wear in official suits Final Fantasy XIV , listen to the music of the game on the way to the altar and taste a special and thematic menu, with cake like the one on the image on these lines. The "lucky couple" who chose something similar to this is chosen between different weapons and poured out for the ceremony. Because one must be faithful to their class, be it paladin or wizard. The celebration has the blessing of Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of the game.

The standard plan costs 3.5 million yen, about $ 32,000. With seventy guests, this scheme is not particularly expensive for a wedding. The first ceremony has already been held (it was on Valentine Day) and the service will be available to the public shortly.

The phenomenon by FF XIV means, despite leaving in 2010, that the title is more fashionable than ever. Without going far, the new expansion of the game, which will come under the name of Shadowbringers, will expire on July 2, 2019 on PlayStation 4 and PC (Windows 10, Mac and Steam).

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