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"We would not find the way to play" »Press Soccer

Thursday, November 22, 2018


The midfielder of Río Tiburones de Veracruz Hibert Ruiz, he had hard words to refer to his former technician, Juvenal Olmos, who was in charge of the club between August and October, leaving only negative sensations within his former leaders.

Juvenal Olmos wanted to venture once again as a soccer player, thus arriving in the Mexican League, where he was in charge of Rojos de Veracruz, having a campaign for forgetting, which cost him three months after his arriving. And it is that from Mexico they do not have the best memories of him, and so their players assume, saying they have suffered a lot with him.

"We have a great deal with the people that were before, the truth that we did not find any way to face the parties has to say, because it is often pointed to the player and really what one plasma on the field is what one works in the week , then if you do not do a good job, it happens what happened to us, "said Hibert Ruiz in an interview with Mediotiempo.

He also assumed they had had a bad tournament, but they are working to close it with dignity. "The truth has been a disastrous tournament, for the sake of forgetting, we have not been able to put into the field what we have wanted and it is a last chance to close in a favorable way with three points thinking about the quotation for the next tournament," Ruiz finished .

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