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We found a case of red cattle in a farm in Zamora Society


Spain has warned the Animal Health World Foundation for cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy -EEB, better known as ill health red cattle– registered last January at a livestock farm in El Piñero (Zamora). The deceased cow from Friesian race and was born in July 2013.

According to the analyzes carried out by Algete Central Veterinary Laboratory, this is an atypical BSE type H. This is the second case of this type that Castilla y León has registered in the last two years . The previous one was El Sahugo (Salamanca), a town located about 150 kilometers from El Piñero. Then the cow was affected by a mixed race and older, 19 years old.

The experts and authorities consulted indicate that the risk to public health is "null". "This is the case of what we call atoptic," said Juan José Badiola, an animal pathology professor at Zaragoza University and a leading Spanish expert on the disease.

"These are incredible cases that only two weeks have been recorded in Europe in recent years, and we still know a lot about them and we are continuing to investigate, but there is no risk to us. population due to these atypical cases, unlike those who caused the crisis of red cattle, are not transferable, "added Badiola.

The farm where the case was registered was subject to surveillance, although it is not anticipated that any special measure or sacrifice of the remaining 465 cows on the farm is required, according to Óscar Sayagués, director General Agricultural Production of the Junta de Castilla and Leon.

Sayagués has pointed out that "the screening procedure has worked perfectly and Spain will not even see its status as a country with a maximum risk for BSE, the difference it achieved in 2016." He also said that this case has some relationship with the one that was registered in 2017. "They are farms with no loop," he said.

Badiola considers the animals of the animal that have proven positively as "amazing". "BSE usually affects older animals, which are a striking case, although we do not know much about how a cow can develop the BSE inadequate," he said.

Unlike inappropriate cases, there is a crisis red cattle Due to the use of livestock from animal origin from the origin of animals contaminated with prins, some particles Infectious proteins that have the ability to transform other normal cellular proteins into abnormal regions. These in turn cause damage to the nervous system of infected cows that often expose with Spanish movements and roaming (hence disease name) .

This type of BSE is transferable and deadly for the human, especially for the use of nervous tissues of the cattle. The disease, which can take decades to display, has caused more than 200 deaths in Europe, five of which are Spain between 2005 and 2008.

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