Friday , September 30 2022

Warn about eating raw fish after the diffilobotriasis is used in National Octay Harbor


The health authorities warned the population of consuming raw fish after found Six confirmed cases and 14 others suspected of infection diffyllobotriasis at Puerto Octay Hospital.

It's about Most parasite that enters people. Also known as the fish, this animal can appear the worms, it can reach up to 10 meters and it is presented in the intestines, where they can reproduce.

According to the slogan Latest News, Los Lagos Health Service, Scarlett Molt, called on the population to be responsible for their health and Avoid the risk of getting sick by eating raw fish"

He also warned that "eating and buying food only in established places should be" with a sanitary decision"

Chile's Parasitic Society, Veronica Madrid, academic and member emphasized that the parasite is common in meals such as ceviche, sushi and even "smoking processes they do not reach enough temperature to spoil the larvae. "

According to the expert, it is the only way to be sure to solve his presence in fish cook or frozen to more than 24 degrees below zero, something that can only be achieved at an industrial level.

Diphyllobothrium Picture Image: ShutterSock

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