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VW Euro 5, new Volkswagen truck and bus line


The new line of Euro 5 trucks, which is available in the rigid sysis and truck track versions, includes developments for machinery, broadcasters and important developments in security equipment, comfort and design.

Trucks Volkswagen and BusesSubmitted in Peru sulinea from Euro Trucks 5, The which added to the launch made last July 19 in Lima for the Euro 5 bus line.

The new truck line available in the versions of rigid sysis and truck track includes unique innovations that apply to machines, transfers and important developments in security equipment, comfort and design.

It is important to note that the Euro 5 trucks manufactured by the German brand have been tested and optimized during the last seven years after the change in the standard of emission in Brazil began 2011; and then Mexico, Chile and Argentina. Currently circulating 206,010 kits and Volkswagen Euro buses5 in Latin America, some with machines with no more than 1.2 million kilometers without making correction of the motor.

Trucks Volkswagen and BusesThe new models include innovative transport solutions through a complete line of products from 3.5 to 31 gross vehicle pressures to meet the needs of the most difficult customer. The new products have their optimization configuration to operate under severe conditions that characterize cargo transport in an Andean country such as Peruvian where there is steep ground and it is hard to handle roads mainly.

"The launch of the Volkswagen Euro 5 truck line in Peru is part of the launch plan in Latin America. Today's honors introduce customers in Peru, Euro 5 series truck models that come to transport operations A heavy load produced at our Resende in Rio de Janeiro factory. All models are part of the vast portfolio of products offered to the company's international markets, "he said. Marcos Forgioni, Vice President and Member of the Board of Volkswagen Trucks and Buses.

The new ones Euro Volkswagen Trucks They have been created as more efficient, reliable, safe and more environmentally friendly vehicles, thanks to technologies MAN – EGR (Recycle Exposure Gases), a solution applied only to MAN D08 brand new machines, and SCR (Optional Catalytic Reduction) for models with Cummins automation.

The company said that the only incorporation of the MAN engine in Volkswagen trucks and buses is to start a long way of innovations that Traton Group (The running of the Volkswagen Group, which includes the MAN, Scania, Volkswagen Trucks and Buses and RIO brands, as well as agreements with leading brands in the USA, China and Japan) will show the passenger and cargo transport sector subsequent years.

It's important to point out that Euro Volkswagen Trucks They have been configured to meet the needs of emerging countries. The new trucks with more power, more German-loaded and modern modern technology capabilities with comfortable cabinets, are spacious and have more security for the driver.

One of the engineering area concerns Trucks Volkswagen is to ensure the permanent security of VW vehicle owners. For this, all the units that have formed a Euro 5 series in Peru ABS brakes. The advanced unit units also have the system EBD (Classification of electronic braking), ATC (traction that has been managed electronically) and engine brake valves (MAN-EVB (Braen Falf Exhaust).

In total, they will be released five families of products. Three families with 4 × 2 traction vehicles (6-11 tons, 13-15 tonnes and 17-24 tonnes) and two families with 6 × 4 vehicles (26-31 tonnes and truck tracking lines) they use machines from 150 hours to most powerful with 420 hours.

Product families are supported by the new cabins, New, Sure and Consistent Supply (extended cabin, high anchor and low roof cabin) which meets the needs of cargo transport in the urban radius such as the medium and long distances.

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Author: Antonio Paredes – Date: 11/23/2018

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