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Virgin Galactic goes away and goes to tourism where

<span class = "image" data-attrib = "AFP" data-caption = "Virgin Galactic The rocket-driven aircraft had directed two pilot at a maximum height of 82.7 km "data-id =" 68 "data-m =" {"to": 68, "p": 67, " n ":" openModal "," t ":" articleImages "," o ": 1}">Virgin Galactic The plane offered by a rocket led by two pilots at a highest height of 82.7 km© AFPVirgin Galactic The rocket-driven plane was driven by two pilots at a maximum height of 82.7 km

Virgin Galactic's supersonic space aircraft rises to Earth's Earth's height on Thursday for a historic flight, which indicates that the company is not far from sending visitors into space.

The aircraft produced by a rocket, VSS Unity, was run by two ancient pilot designs at a height of 82.7 kilometers, exceeding the 80km mark that the US government recognizes as the space limit. The 80-kilometer mark is used to give wings of astrons.

The plane came out of the Mojave Air &; Space in California at 7:11 a.m. PT. The founder of Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson, was watching a crowd of viewers.

"I hope we're going to space today," he said before going back.

This was the fourth motor test flight for the VSS Union and the closest to date to highlight the flight route one day is expected to perform on commercial journeys.

Its success means that the company may only be months away from bringing a first group of tourists, an objective Virgin Galactic has worked for 14 years.

Instead of aiming at space using a NASA style-based rocket, Virgin Galactic uses a spacecraft that has been powered by rockets of the name VSS Unity, a ship more like a # 39; The X supersonic aircraft developed by the US Army.

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