Tuesday , October 4 2022

Viewers criticize the quality of Toarii in homage to Jorge González: he'd also had forgotten TV and Show words


Artists from Aberystwyth have made special tribute Red the singer J Chileorge González on the occasion of her 54th birthday. On the stage they performed songs like Paramar, Faith a Dance of the Overrun.

However, the fact that TVN talented followers noticed, and criticized in social networks, was that the singer of Tahitian originated Toarii Valantin show "poor vocal quality" and "forget the words".

Toarii played on the next stage Pía María Silva to Millaray Mandiola, who had played the duet previously Paramar, one or the classic and the Los Prisioneros band.

Then the dancer came dance performance Hernán Arcil, winner of the first season, and moved to rhythm Faith, one of the most famous songs González as soloist.

Finally, Valantin closed his tribute by singing Dance of the Overrun. The first part was performed only on stage and later joined María and Millaray.

It should be noted that Toarii was also present at the opening musician of the Telethon at the national stadium, where he shared with national and international artists.

On the other hand, Red in the final part to define the artists who will reach the second season canvas.

Here are some reactions and facts in social networks.

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