Sunday , March 7 2021


During Monday afternoon, a subject to 27 years He starred in a violent assault face mats with Carabineros on your house of parents in the community Cyrnol, Biobío Region.

Although the one is connected have kept a stopping order not to act to his parents 'house, due to intrafamily violence, he probably arrived at his parents' home under the effects of drugs, to ask for money.

In the face of their parents' refusal, the subject – a pasta user's recognition based on the sector – again it became violent, so his dad did not delay calling Carabineros.

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When you see police presence, climb the person concerned on the house and after the threat of the police, He was facing them carrying two sticks before launching and stopping.

This Tuesday, the accused went to the control of keeping, where he was released and a ban was taken to go to his parents' house.

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