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[VIDEO] Everything you need to know about Road Cohesion Law


This Sunday, November 11, the Transport Motor Reinforcement Law, also known as "Law of Coexistence Vial" with the main slogan improve the relationship of different transport modes in the city.

Y Law of Road Reaction come to replace old Traffic Law enacted in 1984 and to reform for the last time in 2009, giving emphasis on security of users most vulnerable to transport accidents, such as walkers a cyclists.

Text searches equals the road space of all types of transport and those who break these measures endanger and financial penalty which can range between 0.2 and 0.5 UTM, ie between 10,000 to 24,000 pesos.

However, the initiative has been linked to criticism by the Chile Municipal Society (AChM), who warned that the streets are not prepared to execute Law Law of Coexistence, so Mayor Peñalolén and president of the AChM Transfer Commission, Carolina Leitao He appealed to the authorities promote the construction of bicycle lanes.

In addition, one of the criticisms the project has received is the cost the municipalities have to do to change the infrastructure of the streets, as well with the signals of "Box Box and Moto Box", The early retention areas for motorcycles and motorcycles, framed between the space passed by the cars and the pedestrian crossing more visibility on behalf of the drivers.

The new regulation has specifications for rings, vehicles that have no motoring with one or more wheels offered by one or more people placed on it (bikes, scooters, skateboards and skates, etc.), motor vehicles a walkers.


  • They must only circulate by the bikes, if they do not exist, they must use the correct route of the road.
  • In the case of unindirectional roads, if you want to turn to the left or to bus use only, the rings should run along the left side of the left lane. If sparkling paths, this provision will only be used if there is a central or central bank.
  • It is prohibited on the pavement, unless a cycle route is available and the rider is under 14, an older adult, a person with a disability or a person who carries a child under the age of seven.

  • If the route through the cycle or street path is impossible, the person who drives the bike can use the path in an exceptional way, respecting the priority of the pedestrians and vehicles that enter or leave a lot of parking. This fact must take place at a pedestrian pace, keeping distance from buildings and closures. If the pedestrian flow is extensive, the person must drop the circle.
  • The circles must facilitate the movement of the motorists and overtaking, keeping the interfaces clear, going to the left or right side, as appropriate and allow turning of motor vehicles.
  • Drivers need to drive attention to traffic and without using artifacts that prevent vision and hearing.
  • Only vehicles that are being transported in circles can pass the vehicles.
  • The rings must have at least one braking system that is effective.
  • A bicycle driver who carries a child under seven years old must be of legal age.
  • If the system bike has to take to transport people, goods or animals, it must also be of legal age and comply with the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications standards.
  • If the circle user wants to go through a zebra crossing, he must go off the non-motorized vehicle.
  • The use of the helmet is compulsory.

Motor vehicles

  • If a vehicle wishes to move on to a bike, it must maintain at least one distance and a half meters with the person throughout the process.
  • It is prohibited for motorcycle parking on motorcycles.
  • In the established sectors, "quiet traffic zones" will be implemented, where motor vehicles can not exceed a specific speed limit, especially in residential areas and schools, so that the circles can better transform the road .
  • Motorcycles can only transport cars when they are stopped, to avoid accidents.


  • People can not transfer or stay on bikes.
  • Pedestrians will not be able to cross the cycle lanes and can only be done on the established crossings and marks.

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