Friday , August 12 2022

Vidal and Font-Alba processing: It did not happen to me to check the patrimony


The former Defense Minister Francisco Vidal he acknowledged that he could have made a mistake by not reviewing the assets of the person who signed the head to the Army's head before offering that time President Michelle Bachelet in 2009.

This is in the light of the prosecution of the pre-order Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba, which led the organization between March 2010 and 2014, for losing public funds for around 3,500 million pesos.

"The choice to introduce the machine to the President of the Republic was obviously the military career, and where there was another point, about all the things that happened before and after, in the history Human Rights, but never, it might be a mistake, it crossed our mind, to check the patrimony "says Vidal. "Perhaps this is a mistake, indeed today the true heritage has to check"he added.

The former Defense Minister also referred to the investigation to pay 800,000 pesos to each former Army Army Commander, the money they actually received apart from their retirement.

"I completely ignored, before and now, the issue of this payment to former former military chiefs, which usually seem to be ancient," said Vidal.

In this scenario, the Defense Minister Alberto Espina, meet again with the visiting minister Romy Rutherford, to go to the investigations.

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Fuente-Alba was appointed Army Chief Executive in 2009 by President Michelle Bachelet. He held the post between March 2010 and March 2014. (Photo: File)

Transparency requires revision of reserved costs

On the other hand, the president of the Council for Transparency, Marcelo Drago, He argued that he should review how the reserved costs are treated as well as the resources provided through this channel.

"It's proven that there is a normal use in this area, we are talking about a significant deviation of public money with a completely different purpose and should lead to a complete review not only of the regulations, accounts and & # 39 , the retained costs, but also their amounts, "said Drago.

That lawyer emphasized "Clearly, significant amounts of this do not fulfill the retained retained purposes."

Commissioning commission

Although Congress is in breach, parliamentarians are already analyzing the possibility of establishing a commission that investigates these cases in the Army.

"I believe that the Chamber can not forget a thorough investigation about the action not only of General Fuente-Alba, but also of everything that has happened in the organization (…) by general members who are. "" said the deputy Loreto Carvajal (PPD).

Meanwhile, the deputy Ignacio Urrutia (Independent Pre-UDI) opposes the creation of an example of this type, but said that it will do the same, because the majority of the Chamber of Deputies are left and "the regulations will be passed anywhere."

"I am not in favor of making investigative commissions in the Chamber of Deputies when the same issue is being addressed in the justice courts. I do not think that it is appropriate or prudent and I understand that our regulation also excludes it, but here are the chief actions and most of the people in the Chamber of Deputies on the left the regulations are passed everywhere ", Urrutia added.

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