Friday , August 19 2022

Vesta Lugg breaks into tears before so much criticism through a drawing picture


Vesta Lugg could no longer take her and broke down the tears and the assault he felt about the criticism she had for her picture where she was wearing a red bikini, putting her in a nightclub.

Comments were made on her Instagram account that treated her as "vulgar", "cabaretera", "little elegant", among many other people.

Before so much crime, Kel Calderón's investigation decided to face them and defend against so much "machismo", as she said during a live broadcast that made her social network account.

"In my opinion is that I do not usually read the comments (…) I'm a little emotional," he began to explain.

"I realized how many people and the number of people with their thoughts were stuck up with something created and we thought, women, 50 years ago, who have been pessimistic," he said before traveling to Viña. from the Sea to take part in the Festival Festival.

"I set a clotheswear set that I love" and "if I want to join me on Instagram because I want me to join, that does not mean my credibility in any aspect others my life, "he said.

Every minute that passed from the video, Lugg became more exciting, giving a snapshot of his frustration with everything that was happening.

This type of stimulating pictures "I do not do it for you, men, effectively in my social networks, I am trying to entertain and show my energy as I am."

In light of the criticism she took with "cabaretera", she defended by saying "all the approval for the stripers of this world, my son, and when I said girl I mean and crack"

At the end of the live video, Vesta started a grief and admitted that he was really affected. "I'm feeling pretty emotional when the rule comes," he said, emphasizing that most of him was the criticism of other women about wearing latex switsuit.


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