Sunday , October 2 2022

Venezuela has a shortage of antiretrovirals and affects people with HIV


NGOs Against the AIDS on World AIDS Day today delegated today that there is a lack of 95% antiretroviral drugs in Venezuela and have asked for humanitarian aid, in the serious economic crisis the country is doing.

"Today, #Diamundialcontraelsida is #Venezuela, there are more than 95% of stocks of antiretroviral drugs because the government does not buy them since 2017. Thousands of people with HIV die from this case. The evil and disability govern public health in Venezuelan ", The NGO said on Twitter.

The organization that will host a HIV forum in the context of the "humanitarian crisis" that the country will live, before the Venezuelan Positive People Network, next Tuesday, in which the country will live, it will be added in another message that hospitals & The country is "without reactors to diagnose" the disease and viral load.

He also said that pregnant women with HIV "Medical care is denied at public health centers at the time of delivery". In that sense, he asked for humanitarian aid for the governments of the world to stop the thousands of deaths of people (…) for lack of antiretrovirals and food. "

Meanwhile, the Acción Solidaria NGO also said that people with HIV in Venezuela do not receive their antiretroviral treatment on a regular basis.

The last NGO last week reported an interview with the Caraota Digital website that they estimated that 10,000 and 70,000 people registered with HIV migrated to look for treatment.

Anyway, "there is no guarantee of the data" in the last two years of the people living with this virus in the country, according to Last September, he told UNAIDS a representative in Venezuela, Regina Lopez. At the time, López noted the impossible to diagnose in some hospitals and there was a shortage of antiretrovirals as two problems in Venezuela, who considered, "it has not been easy" to solve the government "especially after these restrictions of money" , is astonished at the economic penalties imposed on this year.

As part of the battle against AIDS in Venezuela, the Office of the Ombudsman, together with UN-AIDS, the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) and other entities of the Venezuelan State campaign in Caracas began on Friday. report the right to equality and discrimination. The campaign that will run until next week is the "No to Discriminate People with HIV" slogan.

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