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US US football lottery raffles are almost $ 200 billion and from Chile you can get involved. International


300 million dollars are a fortune that almost nobody can earn easily. Players such as Lionel Messi or Neymar have not accumulated such an amount, after years on the court and dozens of advertising campaigns.

But now, that could be obtained by the next winner of Powerball, one of the main lottery in the US, which will be a Saturday raffle of around 300 million dollars, which is more than a 197 billion Chile pesos.

The highlight of the lottery from the North American country is that they allow foreigners to take part, so here we can not explain how you can compete from Chile, in case you want to aim for this one million dollars prize.

Who sells the tickets in Chile?

Until recently, it was impossible to take part in a foreign lottery, but since started operating – 17 years ago – there are several Latin Americans who have won millions of wells through this web portal.

With a network of more than 20 offices worldwide and Oregon lottery support in the United States, The Llenwr allows you to buy official tickets from almost any lottery from a distance, giving people from many countries – including Chile – a chance to take part in the US Power Halls that this Saturday could give 300 million dollars to a winner.

One of the guarantees provided by the Lottery is that she has portfolio of great winners, which includes people from all over the world, including Panama, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Canada, Russia, Australia, Iraq and Spain, among others.

In addition, the Lotter has been mentioned in well-known US media, including NBC, CNN and Fox news channel, which has reported the news of overseas winners who have won great awards in the US has never campaigned on US land.

How will the prize be collected?

When a winner who bought his ticket in the Lottery, the ticket will not be sent to the user, but instead travel with all expenses paid to the place where the paper receipt. There, the legal document will be given to be able to collect the prize in the official lottery branch, together with a solicitor paid by the Lotter and who is advised during the cash claim process.

If the person requires the visa to travel to the country where the ticket has to buy, the official lottery is waiting for up to one year to # 39 ; winner claims the prize. Here three years ago, when Irac in Baghdad won the Oregon Megabucks accrued lottery in the US, the prize was empty for three months until the client got the visa and was able to travel.

It should be noted that, in case the lucky one does not receive the visa, the Lotter payments and transfer the money to his bank account, wherever he is.

How does the service work?

TheLotter offers a simple, internet-based platform where anyone can easily ask for their participation by following these steps:

1. The user is entering, choosing the lottery where he wants to play and choose his lucky numbers, then pay the ticket price together with a commission for the courier service. In Chile, you can pay with Mastercard, Visa and Diners cards.

2. A representative of the Lotter buys the ticket at an official lottery center in the United States or in the country where the lottery is played, then scan the receipt and store & Original in a 100% secure place. The scanned invoice is accepted by the buyer digitally and serves as a guarantee in case of winning.

3. As soon as the raffle is held, the Llenwr communicates personally with the winner in case he reaches the numbers, in order to co-ordinate with him a date he can travel to claim; The original ticket from a lawyer's hands. the company and, with her, collecting the prize in the official lottery branch. The time to get the money depends on how quickly the person can travel to the country where they are earning. In the case of less than $ 200,000 in a cash prize, the Lotter deposits the sum directly into the user bank account, wherever you are.

The representatives of explain that the Internet portal does not make itself withdraw or pay rewards out of a pocket, so it can not be distributed as a betting website. Your job is to provide a courier service to buy official lottery tickets only.

Beware of fraud

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online fraudulent campaigns where people believe they have won the lottery, to bring their data or ask for money to collect the jackpot. requires clarifying that If you have not bought a lottery ticket on the site, there's no chance to win. Therefore, the portal ignores messages or calls from unscrupulous people representing the company's representatives to deceive unexpected people.

In this sense, the company emphasizes that when the Lotter agent calls for the award of a prize, he can only provide personal and purchasing information that the customer can know. These data include the numbers chosen by the user, the date he bought and the amount paid.

There is no law prohibiting the foreigner from winning the lottery
Alex Gálvez, a US immigration lawyer, stresses that anyone can play and win prizes. "You do not have to be a resident to collect a accumulated lottery, because the whole thing that the US government wants is to pay taxes, and for this we do not need a social security number, "he said.

And what Russ Lopez, deputy director of California Lottery communications, adds: "Even an unrecorded person can buy a ticket and collect the prize if he or she earns, you do not have to be a citizen, because you have to bear in mind that there is no law in the United States to ban abroad from winning the lottery. "

The wintery of the United States could also guarantee citizenship
Gálvez says that if the winner decided to allocate half a million dollars to invest in a low area, or open a company with a million dollars and employing 15 employees, he can get a US visa under the EB5 program on for investors and their families.

This program was created by the US Congress in 1999 to stimulate the economy and 10,000 visas will be distributed this year. Then the beneficiaries and their relatives can become permanent residents in a two year period, after 5 years applying for citizenship. In other words, if someone wins the US lottery, they probably find a way to stay in the country legally. what you want

Next Powerball Award i 300 million dollars He was raffled on Saturday, February 23 at night. All results will be published on website.

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