Thursday , May 26 2022

University prevents researcher who modified baby genetics in China


RRemove completely in different sectors and even white to the police. Here is the response to Chinese genetics He Jiankui, who claims to have created the first genetically modified babies, using the technique called CRISPR to cause gene mutation in two twins and, in theory, made a immune to the AIDS virus.

The scientific authorities of this country have opened an investigation into the case, which has produced so many questions as criticism. The Chinese Genetic Editing Committee has condemned the experiment and warned that it was against the laws of the country and against the consensus of the international scientific community. The hospital where he collaborated has indicated him for an alleged failure of signatures in the consent of the ethical committee that, according to the health center, did not meet.

One day after its announcement is surprising, it's not yet clear if the experiment is real. If he had to do with all the necessary rigor and the support of an ethical committee, as the scientist ensures in a series of videos on YouTube and on his lab's website, or if he is Frankenstein's 21st century teacher, acting alone and ready to do everything to accomplish his obsession. Or even if it's a big cheat.

The hospital with whom the scientist claims to have worked together, HarMoniCare in Shenzhen, in south-east China, has gone a bit further and filed a fraud complaint. The signatures included in a document issued by the center ethics committee have been admitted to the investigation, according to the hospital, "appeared fake, and a meeting of an ethical committee was never held We will ask the Public Protection Department (Police) to investigate legal responsibilities. "

The University of South China Science and Technology (Sust) in Shenzhen, where he was a laboratory owner, refused to have information about the test, had requested permission from the organization or that the experiment was held in their facilities. He also emphasized that he was on holiday from February to 2021.

The highest health body in China, the National Health Commission, stated in a statement that it had given orders to provincial authorities "to investigate in detail and check" Allegations. The Shenzhen Health and Family Planning Commission confirmed, on its behalf, that the investigation had already opened to "verify the validity of the ethical approval to the test".

The genetics, trained at the Universities of Rice and Stanford in the United States, has amazed the world by announcing the birth, "a few weeks ago" from Nana and Lulu, two Chinese twins who got convert them to the CCR5 gene, which AIDS virus uses as a door to attack the human immune system. According to him, the girls are in perfect health at home, and their experimentation has not caused any unnecessary mutation.

The scientist, who returned to China in 2012, recruited seven heterosexual couples to prove volunteers. In all, the male was a carrier of the AIDS virus. Until the embryos were successfully involved in "Grace," the twin's mother, she used eleven embryos in six attempts to assemble.

In the videos broadcast on YouTube, he says he is willing to take critics and debates about a step that he considers scientifically necessary. "It's not about creating designer babies, just a healthy child," he said. It does not try to "improve information, change the color of an eye, appearance or something similar. It does not relate to that." Its method, it requires, "this may be only way to improve some disease. "

If what he says is true, he would have taken a big step in genetic engineering. A step that took the scientific community for granted one day, but under strict regulation. Legislation in the United States and Europe considers the illegal experiment. But in China, these experiments are regulated and less stringent.

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