Thursday , May 19 2022

United Curic did not have confidence and still won


When closing the fourth date in the 2019 National Championship, nortinos and curicanos equaled to 1-1 in Calvo and Bascuñán.

Antofagasta Sports a Curicó United Was the clubs responsible for closing the fourth date of the 2019 National Championship and they did with a 1-1 tower that complicated the Maulina squad.

However, Mauro Quiroga was not early at the visit (7) knew how to manage the advantage and that took advantage of the nortina squadron. Tobías Figueroa fired a ball on the floor and with more effort than a technique had equalized (34 & 39).

In the final minutes and under the desire to go for the victory, both boards fell in despair and with that, in the rough game. Adrián Balboa, who was ordered on the bench, made the second bargain on the court and was expelled; while in the crew Carlos Espínosa and Mario Parra he saw the red one.

Antofagasta Sport, which has an expected game, reached four points. United Curicó does not win in the championship and has three units within four days.

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