Tuesday , August 16 2022

Unión Española and syndod in Antofagasta


Spanish team beat couples in the north 2-1.

Surprise? Yes. This Friday, at the beginning of the second date of the 2019 National Championship, Antofagasta received the Spanish Union and "pumas" after the victories over Audax Italiano on the first day.

However, the Hispanics – who had just come off the first time in Colo Colo – were surprised and finished to win 2-1. Juan Pablo Gomez opened the count on 5 with an impressive left foot and Adrián Balboa was equivalent to the actions for the nortinos in 29.

In the second half and just a minute after entering the court, Sebastián Varas (67 & 39) and final 2-1 for Santa Laura.

With this result, after two dates, both have three points. The tournament started with everything.

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