Sunday , July 25 2021

Unfortunately, Cristián Sánchez revealed the channel that Diana Bolocco will leave Society

A number of rumors have begun to circulate about a television fate Diana Bolocco, as everything indicates that he restated what his TV was for several years, Channel 13.

So far, the journalist has not revealed whether the information is true, but she was her husband, Cristián Sánchez, who admitted without want what will happen to the next year's saver.

He was in the Good morning when Sanchez came "the news inadvertently", only when he and colleagues on the panel talked about the allegation against "Mago" Valdivia and Daniela Aránguiz for attacking a garzona product from the former Mekano wheat.

The context of the TVN space driver left the channel where Bolocco will work next year: "Diana loves Pérez-Bannen and I do not understand why, thanks to good, it went to Mega, in fact … I declared information and nobody knew, "he said in referring to jealousy.

Later, in the morning they showed a unique interview with Bolocco, who did not confirm or deny anything: "I can not tell you anything, nothing, I'll work until December 31, at least on Channel 13. We do not know what it will happen There are many mixed feelings. I can not speak I hope you understand me. When I go, I'll say. Today I'm on Channel 13, happy, "he said.

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