Sunday , June 20 2021

UDI Deputy Ignacio Urrutia: "The ethics commission is worth callampa" | National

Deputy UDI Ignacio Urrutia ensured that Mapuche senator Emilia Nuyado did not respect the Chamber when the inner minister Andrés Chadwick asked in Mapudungun during the first minutes of his intervention.

When talking to Radio ImaginaThe representative also allowed to refuse to ask ironically if he spoke English.

Urrutia explained that he felt unfortunately Nuyado hshe would speak in a language that nobody knew in the room and that's why he suggested that the Secretary of State responds in English, so that he would not understand either.

"There's one thing to say hello in Mapudungun, there's nothing to do with, and what else is to speak five minutes at Mapudungun, you'll understand that we did not understand everyone who was there what he said, there is a lack of respect, "he said. a man who has defended the Pinochet dictatorship in the hemicicl.

"To continue with the same lack of respect she did, I said to her & Minister, answer him in English & # 39;, because if she did not answer in English he would hang, the next people hanging would hang, the people who had invited to & # 39; The stalls are also hanged, "he added.

And deputy Emilia Nuyado

"The idea is, If Chile is the official Spanish language, Spanish is the thing to talk about. In the Chamber of Deputies, Spanish has always spoken, so it has no reason to use another language that is not an official language, "he added.

Deputy Urrutia wished in the reasons to consider a lack of respect for using the Mapuche language in the Congress that he assured, in a commission that shared with Nuyado, said this to him that he did not know how to; w talk.

"For me, it was a lack of respect. He was laughing at all of the Chilean. Those who came to laugh at the Chilean or authorities were talking about five minutes in a language that nobody understood anything, "he said.

The senator also played the importance of the ethics committee who is studying a sanction for his attitude during the translation.

"The ethics commission is not the same. They whistle it completely. It was a very reputable institutionality, which was transferred to the ethics commission in specific parliamentary cases. Today, every senator who says a word that does not like the left, because they are the majority in this commission, they will pass it immediately. Today, the ethics commission is worth callampa, "he said.

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