Thursday , December 3 2020

Turkish naotechnology for early cancer diagnosis

It is expected that early diagnostic cancer meters will be sold in pharmacies / Photo PLs in 5 or 10 years

Two students from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) developed a microchip that can be used to help detect cancer early, which reported Sabah's newspaper today.

After two years of research in the ITU Mechanical Engineering Department, Mehmet Tugrul, 24, and Berke Erbas, 23, managed to design a gas gas that will act as a sugar meter, deciding whether someone has cancer in the blood or not

The project, which was highlighted by the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (Tübitak), will allow the users of the device to diagnose themselves and testing tests in the laboratory environment, Erbas explained to the press.

He explained that there was already research on this topic around the world, with the aim of 5 or 10 years that early diagnosis cancer skills are being sold in pharmacies, allowing for the adoption of precautions against cancer.

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