Thursday , December 3 2020

Tumblr returns to the App Store after several months

Without a porn scored a small prize.

Did you miss the Tumblr application on iOS? Certainly there are a number of people doing, and this is that the app takes months out of the App Store for breaking Apple regulations.

It is happening, because of its "community-based soft porn" nature, that some incredible things are also escaping, such as child pornography, given that Apple has decided to erase it.

Recently, the serious decision of Yahoo's microblogging platform was learned to completely eliminate the "adult material", and for that reason they have supported a algorithm that has turned out to fail and kill even Jesus Christ.

logo tumblr

Now Apple, with the social network completely locked up and criticized for its decisions, gives Tumblr a bit of rain and letting them be available to Edmundo and everyone.

Maybe it's too late. Ultimately, we'll know if this is the beginning for Tumblr or if "cleaning" really works. At present we have a very large number of people on the internet shouting to the sky to put them back into their piece of eroticism, nudes, hipsterism and soft porn.

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