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Tramoyas: what's happening in classical and dance

The Hungarian teacher continues in power Credit: BCM

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End of the game, farewell Kurtág?

In 92, the Hungarian composer opens an opera on the piece by Samuel Beckett

There are many that could be said and to write about the relationship of Samuel Beckett, one of the twentieth century (and perhaps any century) and music authors. The highest point would be to assume that the pieces of Beckett (Nacht und Traüme last, for example, or Not in I) work more of a composer than by an author, and this is different from Words and Music , the work with the signature of Beckett and Morton Feldman. Now a new avatar is added. As with any artist, the work of the Hungarian Kurtág György, another important figure in our time music, is full of unfinished projects, including seven operas. But here's one, almost at the end of life, turning out: End of the game. Kurtág discovered that a bit of Beckett was in the second half of the 50's in Paris. The project matured and the premiere will be on Thursday at the Teatro alla Scala, in Milan. Kurtág wrote other times with Beckett's words, but this is definitive. According to Kurtág, what Beckett was doing was "music already". And something more. His wife, Marta, was part of the adventure: "This is the starting point," said György.

Gala Bale

La Paz, Chile and the tour of the region continue

The Dance Dance ballad galaxy, organized by Argentina Leonardo Reale, came to the benefit of Unicef, last night at Oriente's theater in Santiago de Chile, with figures like Federico Fernández and Julieta Paul and a cross-Andean choice. Next station: Brazil. With more destinations, such as Miami, by 2019, it is clear that peace does not have any boundaries.


I said, in fact, of political integrity

An in-house investigation by the Philadelphia Orchestra gave credit to the "sexual misconduct" allegations. In fact, Dutoit was never the conductor of the orchestra, although he was holding a fruitful society with her. They will not invite you anymore. A well-known pianist said that the allegation was incredible. But this is the time of the fake news

Thiago Soares

The biopic of the dancer comes to HBO

A close portrait of the Brazilian Thiago Soares and an increase in the Royal Ballet arrives in the shelf shelter of the biographies of classic dancers in streaming. A previously retained genre for stars in retirement today extends among figures in full activity. The First Dancer document was introduced in London and will be broadcast soon by HBO.


Zeffirelli, nationalist of the opera

At the age of 95, Franco Zeffirelli will make a version of Rigoletto, by Giuseppe Verdi. Most kitsch and the director do not give it the best. At the Royal Opera House Muscat. for 50 years since the reign of Oman. It will be a co-production with Opera Rome. The film director and legendary period do not produce his weapons and continue to Verdi's heart.

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