Tuesday , August 9 2022

Torres del Paine: Onemi waves a crisis for a yellow warning


The National Emergency Office (Onemi) cancel the red warning and declare yellow warning in Torres del Paine For a flood oversight until the conditions are guaranteed.

"The decline in rain has triggered the fall in the flow of the basins", explained the director of the organization in the Magallanes Region, Juan Carlos Andrades.

From the point of view of the situation to Base Torres, the authority noted that the Roads Department, under the Ministry of Public Works, had maintained some minorities and during this day, transit should be enabled for motor vehicles, while the trekkers are already able to approach them without needing guidance and with a warning.

"Although it may dry without wind until Sunday, the conditions may be able to cross the field, tourists must keep self-care ", Andrades emphasized.

In the meantime, the General Water Directorate noted that Afon Paine monitoring station registers level 1.81 meters, namely Llyn Gray 2.51 meters and Llyn Pehoé 2.27 meters.

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