Wednesday , January 27 2021

Tom Brady wins his sixth Super Bowl and extends Patriots' decade in the NFL

It was known well before the game, since the first appearance on the big screens of Mercedes Benz Arena in Atlanta, when more than an hour of the game was missing, Tom Brady's experience of all sectors of & # 39 ; stadium. The field field field 41 was the visual face of New England Patriots, the team that returned for ninth time in the last 18 years to the Super Bowl – the American football final and the most important sporting event of the year in the United States. United- and he finished winning between 13 and 3 of the game to take the title for the sixth time.

Patriots played in the 53th edition of the game for their supporters. It was also clear by the inconsistency between the number of team shirts – most of Brady – and some of their competitors, Los Angeles Rams. The anecdotal factor translates into a competitive difference: the noise disturbed Jarter Goff in California quarterly rounds in key plays throughout the game.

Eager to find a story, the American sports press had indicated that the conflict was a duel of a generation. For one side, Brady and Patriots coach Bill Belichick, 66, who have shared the last 19 season with each other. On the other hand, Goff (24 years old) and Sean McVay (32), the young technical exposure of the season. Three examples: Goff was 6 years old when Brady won his first title. McVay is nine years younger than quarterback Patriots. And adding the age of Goff and McVay, they are almost half half of Brady and Belichick.

There was an additional factor. Although the Patriots were an emblem of balance on all strands, the Rams formed their style with a very aggressive crime. Therefore, the confrontation between the two teams appeared as a forefront in every rule.

The first part of the game was for study. The Patriots played a lot of support in running and short payments with Julian Edelman, a receiver and a team of historical team friends, such as escape escapes. The formula allowed it to keep the offspring of the Rams out of the field, doubling the time of possession, but that did not match points, taking advantage of & # 39; n small from 3 to 0 at break.

The start of the second half of the game was similar, with the exchange of property that made the clock, but did not allow Patriots to get away from their competitors. In holding again Brady's attacks were key strongholds of Los Angeles, which did not allow any deep pass field marketing to contact their recipients.

In the meantime, one of the Rams offensive series ended with a field goal to equalize the score. But the defenses were so common that something unusual was occurring in the NFL: in the first three quarters, none of the teams were in the "red zone", the last 20 yards of the objector's field.

In the last quarter, something else happened in American football. With 10 minutes to go, and the game stayed, New England fans filled the Mercedes Benz Arena, which could be neutral, "Brady, Brady", as if it were an exciting magic suggestion from the a man who equals a team team victory. It seems that Brady, down on the court, listens to him: He led a series with the millimeter to two of his historic championship in the Patriots, Edelman and the tight stronghold Rob Gronkowski, who came to finish with the first swap of the game.

But Goff and the Rams restored, who moved on until their first serious mistake occurred during the night: a cornerbuilder, Brandin Cooks, was passed by Cornoll Cornoll Stephon Gilmore, leaving his team in the gates. from a new circle.

From there, what became a kind of control. Playing with the clock and tune and the Rams, Brady started an offensive series introducing the ball to his runners and forced Los Angeles to use her essential timescales to give her up. With the patience of those who were in that situation in the future, the quarterback did not hurry even second, allowing the records to pass and seal the victory in a pure strategy, with an area goal that already puts things out of reaching its team. competitors

With a sixth championship, Tom Brady's throne is the best player in the history of his sport, a true myth of American football, almost the question. Comparisons are a great deal of other disciplines that had periods of supremacy, such as Federer, Nadal, Tiger Woods or Lionel Messi. The best thing is that there is enough hunger. So it came to light this week, when a 41-year-old was asked after playing decades into one of the hardest sports in the world and earning everything over and over, he thought retire if he had taken pride in this Super Bowl. The answer? Simple and categorical: "No possibilities".

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