Tuesday , August 16 2022

To quote first: find differences of up to 200% in costume prices and supplies in Santiago | National


The Economy Minister José Ramón Valente announced the results of the study Price differences in costumes and school supplies carried out by the National Consumer Service (Sernac).

The study carried out by Sernac between January 24 and 29 15 commercial stores and supermarkets from several sectors in the Metropolitan region, find differences in up to 200% in school uniforms and quality.

According to Sernac, the main differences were found blouses and shirts from an equal constitution, for example, the biggest difference in the girl's and boy's shirt blouse was registered with 200.7%, with at least $ 2,990 at Lider and a maximum of $ 8,990 in Ripley.

According to the study, you can access products the same quality at a lower price. "It shows with concrete data that does not necessarily pay more money for a product means that parents pay for a higher quality," said Minister José Ramón Valente.


For example, the uniform size of a girl 10 of a similar composition, two blouses, a skirt or a jumper, shoes, polerón and apron, that is a Leader $ 25,940 a a $ 53,950 in Ripley.

In the case of children, the minimum price of the package of similar composition products reached $ 22,940 a Leader and a maximum of $ 43,950 in Ripley.


The study considered the most economical prices of each shop to build a uniform uniform basket of boys and girls of size 12 to 46, including shoes and slippers number 29 to 40. The woman's costumes include a skirt, blouse, trousers, shoes, afro poleron and jumper. As a child, he has a pair of pants, sweatshirt, shirt, cotton, apron, jumper.

School supplies

To carry out the study on school supplies, they were included 37 organizations, bookshops, importers and supermarkets. In addition, a basket of products was considered for primary and secondary education. In the case of the basic, it was found at a lower price of $ 3,214 in Dimeiggs and a maximum of $ 7,292 in Montserrat.

Meanwhile, in the meanwhile the cheaper list was found at a price $ 2,600 and most expensive to a maximum of $ 6,837.

For the notebooks, the college's largest difference was found 5mm 80 mathematical shapes found at a minimum of $ 390 (supermarket, Sectors Center, North and East) and a maximum of $ 1,090 (National Library, which has located in Quilicura).

The cheapest prices to see in the importers, focusing on the highest prices of both supermarkets like bookshops.


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