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Ticos share their disappointment for the Luis Miguel concert in Mexico


For several months, Luis Miguel has made 94 persistent presentations. Photo: Netflix

For several months, Luis Miguel has made 94 persistent presentations. Photo: Netflix

Quietly disappointed that Costa Rican Flor Alfaro, Marcos Blanco and Tatiana González qualify the concert offered by Luis Miguel on November 19 at the National Auditorium in Mexico.

Although each one counted himself to the Aztec country, in the middle of the full auditorium, they saw the concert where they and many Mexicans say that the singer has a great absence.

"You'd expect a concert like this to be the front, but it did not like that. Prices do not see the artist cheap. I believe Luis Miguel does not go through his best venture, I think it will cost it to finish the trip. There is a big disappointment with what is expected, "said Marcos Blanco, a 57-year-old Costa Rican announcer.

In a show, where the currents ensure that Luis Miguel has triggered some pieces, others sang them in the last part alone, and sometimes the mariachi appeared only on their own, because he was staying in the dressing room, the dissatisfaction of the audience was highlighted by Boos.

PUSSY MICKI, YOU KNOW YOU! Luis Miguel was named Monday at the National Auditorium of CDMX, one of the best locations in Latin America. Definitely not its evening. He had problems with the microphone in practice throughout his presentation, it was very bitter, the feelings were left in the house, it happened to see on the monitors in a state of " standing on the screen ", we never talked to the public and could ensure he had received help from the Telepronter in a number of songs. In addition, large places had been filled with music and sediments that indicated something was wrong. Until the audience and the time, he never said about the sound, we never apologized and, of course, there was no "other, other" of the audience. Luis Miguel continues to sing in a syringe, still touches the wig, stays the same as "when the sun heats, moves well when it's out; I wanted to, yes, it became old too. I want to explain that that's what happened yesterday. I hope that CR will be another story. I just wanted to end with the words of a Mexican boy who sat next to us and said: This man is really fart! (This is a very tasty)

Posted by Marcos Blanco on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

In a post From Facebook, Blanco wrote: "Luis Miguel was thanked yesterday at the National Auditorium of CDMX, one of the best actions in Latin America, definitely not his evening. He had problems with the microphone in practice during all his presentation, it was very bitter, the feelings were left in the house, it happened to see in the monitors in a state of "fixed view on the screen", we never spoke to & # 39 ; the public and could make sure it was helped by the teleprompter in a number of songs. (…) I want to explain that that was what happened yesterday (November 19). I hope Costa Rica will be another story. "

Marcos Blanco's words are supported by Flor Alfaro, 44, who has attended all Luis Miguel concerts in Costa Rica.

"It was a real disappointment. (…) He did not sing a complete song, he was stuck to teleprompter, the mariachi sing singly. They fight it, it was very sad to see it decaying like that. It was a lack of respect for the public. He came with a group of women aged 37 to 48. They told us that the other days of presentation did not like that, "said Blanco.

Tatiana González, Costa Rica's publisher, traveled to Mexico with friends to enjoy show or idol. They have drawn up the plan since July and like Marcos Blanco and Flor Alfaro, Gonzalez says she and her group feel disappointed.

"We're pretty disappointed. We bought the tickets, we hope it really would be a concert that would deliver expectations, as well as a second flight to Luis Miguel towards life. With a high expectation in this regard. Unfortunately, we have a bad impression. He left very late. He did not sing, she was hummed the songs. Every time he finished a song that came in back store about five or ten minutes. The mariachi sang simple and simple by himself. It was a completely separate show. Reducing We do not hurt the economic part, but the excitement of five friends who took eighty heart to see our idol, the Mexican sun, "said Gonzalez, who states that" fortunate " His trip also knows the "magnificent Mexico. "

Tatiana González says she wants to keep the image she has at the moment admired "Luis Miguel, 25 years old".

"I have to say that it's not ugly, we've sold the idea that it is fat and it's ugly, but that's fine, it's still & # 39; ok. But sad to come to another country. It was a complete garbage. How sad, "said Gonzalez.

Despite his personal impression, Gonzalez said he would buy teenager tickets to attend the concert that Luis Miguel will give in the country on March 21.

Several social network users shared videos where they were expressed as uncomfortable in the concert.

What does the production say?

After the events in Mexico, Glenda Medina's concert spokesperson, and days ago, said "Miguel Miguel's vocal ability is at his highest level", saying that what happened on Monday, November 19 was not a parameter to define what the artist could offer in Costa Rica.

"I'm not really able to pay attention because I was not in the concert. They have not uploaded videos to assess what people are complaining about. The tour has 94 presentations and it's likely to be wearing This physical cause dissatisfaction in supporters. It seems to me that there will be strong bricks and not Luis Miguel but in artists who are responsible for having so many concerts on-going. We can not abolish what 's Come to Latin America because of what happened last night, "he said.

The spokesman keeps it "arbitrary and unfair to assess the artist for one date, as I could be sorry to make all the audiences follow. It can happen to every artist. i defining it. "

Glenda Medina stressed that Luis Miguel would end on his 18th-season tour, to start another, in Latin America, on February 19.

Tickets for the concert on March 21 are predetermined at

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