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On Wednesday, December 5, residents from different provinces The Araucania, The The Lakes a The Rivers reported power cuts, which has affected more than 180,000 people.

The first information reported that there were minutes after 9:50 pm and for investigated cases, general power abstraction was introduced o Temuco i Chiloé.

Live like cities like Valdivia, I launch Puerto Varas saying that there was almost an interruption to the service, while the Osorno, Llanquihue, Palena and Chiloé province would have cut the cut off intermittently.

O & #.; R Association of Southern Electricity Association (English) that a product of "inconvenience generated by a transmission line" had been cut off from San José de la Mariquina (Los Ríos region) in Quellón.

Product of previous failure and events in the Interconnected Power System, extended the lack of supply of the La Araucanía Region in Chiloé. Y Lines affected would correspond to Cautín-Mulchen 1, Cautín-Mulchen 2 a Temuco-Los Peumos.

Last, o English recommends disconnect all electrical devices in these regions due to the supply instability that exists during the service reset process.

After more than 40 minutes, residents of Valdivia and Temuco said that the supply began to normalize, the same situation they reported in some Province of Los Lagos Region, which would correspond to 40% of the total number affected.

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