Sunday , August 7 2022

Those responsible for Oninaki explain why the game is an action RPG –


Oninaki This was one of the surprising advertisements of the Nintendo Direct in the past. Today, we have very interesting statements from those responsible.

As you know, its developers are developers For Am Setsuna and Lost Shere, Tokyo RPG Factory. At a new meeting with Famitsu, some members of the study have explained why in this case they have decided to remove a little more towards the actions in relation to both previous titles.

"Initially, I tried to play a role with a single player", share Atsushi Hashimoto, director of the game. "I even give a picture of Dragon Quest I in the drafts [risas]. As they were not members of the team, I thought about throwing work items and exploring all sorts of things … "

"Then I said:" Would action RPG be better with this scheme? "," Adds the producer Ryutaro Sasaki. Finally, Hashimoto came to the conclusion of its statements confirming that "Even within the team, many expressed their desire for a role-play game, so it was not as if Sasaki-san used their voice of authority, but simply drove the debate."

"Actually, when we created it I Am Setsuna to Lost Sphâr, this has been done in the way RPGs are created, with conflicts on the battlefield using skills and so on, so that we can make a future action RPG. "

What do you think? Do you notice that this title has more actions?

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