Friday , June 24 2022

This time Cristiano Ronaldo was news but not football


This time, Cristiano Ronaldo made news in Portugal but not for his performances inside the football field but for offering his current partner.

The newspaper "Coreo Da Manha has just announced that the player is preparing for a size event as his marriage with Georgina Rodriguez can occur at any time.

The beautiful Spanish model is the mother of one of four children Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese press recalled that the couple were recently taken during a romantic lunch in London where the football only spent more than $ 30,000 on wine.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in relationship for two years now. After having a woman in common and family formation, the other children of the player (Cris Jr., Eva and Mateo) have decided to take the next step.

The newspaper from Portugal announced the news that "Cristiano has already asked Gio to marry her and the marriage will be celebrated, but very few people know the details. All that is known at the moment is that Gio has already tried on some wedding dresses. "

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