Saturday , March 6 2021

This robotic arm is fed us independently so that we only worry about socializing

We're lunch and instead of chatting with our partner we have to worry about eating and using our hands to bring food to my mouth. Well, here's what a group of researchers are trying to avoid when creating Arm-A-Dine & # 39;And our robotic robbery while we are worried about interacting with other people when we eat.

He created a group of researchers from the Exit Games Laboratory at the RMIT University in Australia and the Indian Institute of Information Technology Design, which aims to make The eating or eating is "more social experience".

"A feeding system focuses on social experience"

It's an inventive odor, as it is behind its creators most technological developments focus on preparing food and not on the experience of using them. As explained, Arm-A-Dine & # 39; to increase the social experience of eating, a two-person feeding system that focuses on shared feeding experience. "

And this attractive is that it would be able to feed the robot and companion to a board companion. Arm-A-Dine & # 39; including broth with a robotic arm, who has a face recognition system through a smartphone, which would help determine whether the person is ready to accept the food.

He said A surface identification system would be based on facial expressionsif he smiles, the arm will offer him food; If the person expresses dissatisfaction to the contrary, the arm would know that person does not want food at that time.

According to those responsible, Arm-A-Dine & # 39; responds to a "growing epidemic" that grows, which would cause people eat their smart phones with each other and avoid interacting with other people, and that's, they say, eat what should be a social event.

Arm-A-Dine & # 39; only a prototype; and so far there are no marketing plans, so its operation is fundamental, so the robotic arm has limited movements and is only compatible with some foods, as well as being programmed to give up ten years of user mouth for security.

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