Thursday , November 26 2020

"They've put a lot of Colo Colo, I hope they're waiting"

The captain expects that the other two will stay on campus by 2019.

Esteban Paredes He has taken the wicking voice of the dressing room after a second bad collar of Colo Colo for the last quarter of the Libertadores Cup.

And, in that sense, he referred to the renewed Julio Barroso, has not yet brought to fruition, pleads for the Admiral to remain Macul.

"We know Julio, we arrived in 2014, we had many titles, he has taken part in all the championships, almost all of the games. It's affected from the back, but it's already much better. We hope the negotiations will stop soon and will remain in Colo Colo, "he said.

But he also had words for Jaime Valdés. "I do not know in the situation that. The subject is being tackled much on social networks, in the media, it has put a lot of Colo Colo. We hope he stays with us, "he stressed.

Finally, Visogol expressed that "I'm not really aware if it is true that the leaders want to find a way out. I do not have information But so far, as Marcelo (Spina), a club player and I have spoken to, he has a contract until the end of 2019. "

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