Thursday , August 11 2022

They were unusual: they wanted to draw on the last play, break the light and create a goal against Sport


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Normally, Argentina's fall football puts moments that stand out for their curiosity more than for sport.

However, what was proved in the First C is registered as one of the most unusual situations experienced during the last time.

In Argentina, the argument that has occurred between Banfield and River Plate is still being discussed, where the local team should break the stadium lights so that a player can go bathroom, but what happened in the game between Laferrere and El Porvenir more than all the limits.

The fifth minute of the second half was played. El Porvenir lost the minimum count but had a corner shoot in favor of where even the goalkeeper came to a goal. Then, the stadium lights were suspicious & # 39; and everything goes dark.

The judge of the meeting did not have a shortfall and decided that the game still played the result? against the locals who did not miss the opportunity and sentenced the game before the stunning look of the El Porvenir players.

After the building's goal, the referee of the game, Mariano Seco, came to the conclusion, before the lack of the visiting team who asked for explanations in the middle of the darkness.

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