Tuesday , March 2 2021

They reveal what would happen if the ground turned to the other side | Society

There have been a lot of questions about what would happen if the ground started turning to the other side to form. And as it is published on Monday morning by the video video channel, SciShow, the weather would be one of the main edges that would be great.

If it should happen, it should be Coriolis effect, which explains that the trajectory of something that moves in another rotational object is curved. An example of this is the sun and the jogging, which would change address. Wind such as ocean trips, or current links, is another example of what would happen.

Within a framework General Assembly of the European Union of Geosciences, researchers introduced possible changes based on Earth simulation turning back for 7,000 years. What was once the Sahara desert and the Middle East had to cover completely with pastures and forests.

Regarding the previous example, No study can predict how much real effect this might be. The video gives an idea of how part of a story has changed by the simple fact that the Earth rotates as it is, from the west to the east.

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