Thursday , September 29 2022

They reveal the conflicts that trigger the departure of Lucas Barrios


A memorable surprise was the departure of Lucas Barrios from Colo Colo. The front got the great reinforcement, but after six months for a lack, he decided to leave the Cacique.

In his farewell to the media, he emphasized the "Panther" feeling complex in a club, so it's specially shared to "" feel an instrument between Aníbal Mosa and Gabriel Ruiz Tagle. "

However, not all that was worried in the second part of Barrios in the Monumental. According to El Mercurio's details, the scoring was not in good condition because he had dropped that his salary was the most expensive of the cohort.

Barrios were also worried about the treatment that his colleagues had. Lucas did not have the same voice in the camarin like Paredes, Valdivia or Agustín Orion. "This is not the same club with 9 years ago," he said.

But the fall that was higher than the glass was the match by Colo Colo against "U" of Conce. Technical staff Tito Tapia decided that Friday's practice was "optional". The resutal? The albums refused 2-0 before the "Campanil" closed a second semester for detection.

What ended was the patience of Barrios who decided to put a ticket to the side when searching for new aircraft.

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