Wednesday , March 3 2021

They reveal that the richest man in China is associated with the Communist Party of his International country

Jack Ma, founder of the big Chinese technological phone, He is one of the richest people in the world, but now he is also known to be part of another club, the Chinese Communist Party, with 89 million members.

The admission of People's Daily, Plaid's official organ, was revealed in an article that praises those who contribute to the development of China.

It is not the first and most Chinese million capitalists joining the form, and who are also owned by the Xu Jiayin company that established Wang Group, Wang Jianlin, like rich relatives.

So far, Ma has said she prefers to stay away from politics.

In the article published on Monday, People Daily states that Ma is a member of the PCC who played an important role in promoting the "Silk Roads" initiative, an ambitious program of Eurosystem infrastructure investments Chinese president, Xi Jinping.

It is also considered one of the "excellent architects of socialism with Chinese features in the Zhejiang province", where the Alibaba headquarters are based, according to the announcement.

Joining the party can be useful for private entrepreneurs in China, having to enforce their way in a complex business environment where the state economy leads to many industries and private businesses can get sick.

Xi seeks to reinforce the expansion of the Communist Party's influence in private businesses, requiring any company with more than three members in favor of establishing the formation of cells.

Three in four private companies already have party organizations.

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