Friday , August 12 2022

They publish lists of people who have money to collect in three banks


In March of each year they are published in the Official Gazette la list of people and companies with bank creditsthat is, forgotten amounts accumulating in banks and, if not collected over a certain period, can be lost.

After publication in the.

If the money reported in the credit process is not exchanged, in three years with a time limit, the amount ends in treasury books.

So far, two banking organizations have published their list:

For his part, the SBIF also has a bank credit seeker on the home of its websites, which you can consult your first and last name.

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How to collect the credits?

Each holder can charge the amount with her identification cost at zero costor seek legal advice if the money is not in your name.

According Chile Comment, Bank credits do not apply in the following cases:

  • Guarantee tables or deposits.
  • Deposits and deposits indefinitely or with automatic renewal clause.
  • Amounts received by passenger checks.
  • Cases where there is retention, promise or seizure of money.

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