Monday , March 8 2021

They made a flying flight between Paz Bascuñán and a solicitor accusing Nicolás López

There was a strong deal between Paz Bascuñán and Juan Pablo Hermosilla, the lawyer representing most complainants Nicolás López.

The theme that left on Monday, at "Mesa Central", from T13 Radio. There, Hermosilla said Paz Bascuñán and her husband, former partner Nicolás López, were aware of the director's illegal actions: "Paz Bascuñán and her husband knew everything about him. Normally normalized, on his birthday (from Lopez) a sketch was made saying what he was doing ".

The actress's response was immediately. By press release, Bascuñán said: "What's right and with what evidence is Mr Hermosilla pointing out as concealers? If you have a previous serious person against my husband or I have a pity, I'll ask you to let it know the courts. I will not sit, as I do not want to contribute to a society where an incumbent unfortunately lies, "and then insisting" I have never received, from your knowing everyone I have worked directly, abusing to me or my colleagues, is less sexual or labor abuse, I have always acted accordingly. Violence is not fought, and does not fight for the dignity of women without the truth. "

Paz Bascuñán resolved his statement by saying he hoped that "the truth will lead to a fair trial, even if he is going against the current prejudice."

As expected, Hermosilla came up with the gloves and Glamorama said. "I would like to see the same motivation and enthusiasm in protecting the integrity and ethics when it could have protected so many older and underage women from being abused and breaking for her friend Nicolás ".

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