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They indicate that airlines use algortimo to separate families and to charge more: this is how Technology


Low-cost airlines in the United Kingdom are investigated by the government because of the allegation use algorithm to separate people traveling with each other in the cabin. The purpose? Increase in case you want to sit with each other.

According to the Yahoo news website, the minister of the digital sector in England, Margot James, stated that this system would be a cynical and exploitation method, which would be used to deceive the public.

The authority presented a report where it shows that "some airlines use software that is identify passengers with the last name and who travel with each other. "

James added that when the company finds these passengers, they are going to separate their seats and when they are asked to sit in joint seats, an additional charge is intended for sale. and ticket to board fees.

12019 | Pixabay (CCO)
12019 | Pixabay (CCO)

A government investigation began after a group of more than one thousand regular travelers said they were separated from their family group if they did not pay more for their seats in the ship.

What is highlighted by Xataka technology technology, the first of the big companies that "They are in the magnifying glass" is Ryanair, which is the capital of Ireland that would have been the first low cost in all of Europe.

The above media added an account made by Anglo government to 4,000 people who traveled as a group during the past year. Ryanair was the first flying airline that ryanair was admitted with 35%, followed by Emirates with 22% and third third Virgin Atlantic with 18%.

Another curious fact that the study showed was that 50% of consumers had been told in advance if they wanted to travel with each other, they had to pay an additional cost, another 10% indicated that they had never been consulted.

Public domain | Pixabay (CCO)
Public domain | Pixabay (CCO)

In a statement released by The Telegraph, Ryanair noted that the operation of her algorithm he does not have a relationship with the family's family relationship, but with seating demand.

"When a client does not pay for a seat, it will be randomized. The algorithm changes depending on each flight and every route depending on the demand for reserved seats", in detail

On the other hand, the company stated that it provided facilities for everyone traveling with children or young people who are underage.

"Since October, adults have to take a child with them Pay 4 euros as an additional and have a special reserved seat between rows 18 and 30. Although there is a large demand being recommended to choose another seat, "the collection was reached.

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