Monday , October 3 2022

They hit Prince Harry's wife as incredible;


KINGDOM UNEDIG.- Working for the royal family in the United Kingdom is considered a privilege and empty plants attract an endless number of candidates. So, it's strange that one of us Meghan Assistants Markle I've just given her the best six months to make an incredible job in the royal wedding.

A source that consulted the Daily Mail portal said: "It's a real shock. Why would I want leave office so magnificent as soon. "

Although the spokesman in the first place rejected a spokesman for Palace of Kensington at the departure of this wife named Melissa, in an unusual act, the plaser had an unknown designation to "surrender", in order to speak, an acknowledgment of & # 39 to work, Who.

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"Melissa is a very talented person. He played a key role in the success of the royal wedding and everyone is lost at the Royal House, "how powerful it was. That means that his work in the Palace is excellent and that his departure may be due to reason Another, there may be a lack of understanding with Duges Sussex.

For example, Melissa had to deal with the crisis before a wedding that sustained Sussex's tendencies when they learned about the refusal to Thom Markle to attend to the wedding and take her daughter to the altar a few days ago.

This information is published precisely with the release on the value of the book "Charles at 70" by Robert Jobson's journalist, where he can ensure that Kate Middleton has had a friction with Meghan for the how he treats the staff or shoots. The Duchess of Cambridge has repeatedly asked the old actor to moderate his morals with staff.

But the difficult character of Meghan would not be new, but it's time to come as an actress in the Suits series. Your former agent Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne described her as a woman determined to succeed whatever happened.

Gina said that Meghan She was bad with her time, with what was needed and with priorities. She was "sensitive" with everything, her clothes, her timetable, as she dealt with her colleagues and, if an employee did not feel good enough, he dismissed not share his vision. Meghan "to move on."

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