Monday , November 30 2020

They discover that the atmosphere of the Earth extends even beyond the Moon

The observations were made more than two decades ago, but the data in a file had forgotten it's practical.

The atmosphere, that gaseous layer that surrounds our planet Earth, is much more than we have imagined. A new study suggests that it could extend even beyond the Moon.

One of the largest references we have of an environment is the "Kármán line" which, in essence, is the boundary between the atmosphere and the outer space. However, the atmosphere is more complicated than this.

As is known, the atmosphere has different parts, such as the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere or thermosfera. One of the layers that are far from the planet is the exosphere, and in this part, the studies were carried out.

According to data from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), which belong to the European Space Agency and NASA, who were investigating this area, An atmosphere extends beyond what is recorded.

The region specialists noted the geocorone name which, in turn, is part of the atmospheric layer of the exosphere name. As explained in a Science Warning report, there is a kind of "cloud" of no neutral hydrogen that shines in the distance.

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